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Top 5 reasons to move to the UK

Author:    Crosspay   |   November 5, 2021

The UK is bound by ethnicities around the world. And the world has always remained enticed by the quality the British have to offer. Whether it’s the world-class adventure, the unrivalled education from top universities, or the rich culture, limitless heritage, indispensable health care system, and so on, these are the reasons why the UK is a popular place to move. But everything points to finances as the first thing to ponder over. Everything, from applying for a VISA to finally moving to this British country, is about money. If finances are upright, one will never disperse the opportunity to move to the UK. With Crosspay, the challenges regarding money transfer are made simple and easy.
The UK welcomes students, professionals, and tourists throughout the land with no biases. Therefore, moving to the UK for work, study or adventure is a goal shared by many.

  1. Culture- Diversity at its best!

Tied to elegance, the UK’s vast history of cultural diversity and heritage is one of the top reasons to move to the UK. Its art, culture, and rich royalty remain unbeatable and it continues to mesmerise the world over the years. Approximately 300 languages are spoken in London along with English, displaying its diversity stats in the capital city of the country. Expats living in the UK find it lucky to perceive such astounding artwork, cottages, and sporting events. The UK is also popular for hosting international events in its major cities like London, Manchester, Liverpool, and Edinburgh.  

  1.   Healthcare –“Health is wealth”

The UK’s cost-efficient and free healthcare services are what keeps the country impeccably wonderful. The UK’s health care system, which is the National Health Service (NHS), was ranked among the top in the world. Especially for those moving to the UK, the government gives expats access to a good standard of healthcare at little or no cost. Therefore, it gives you huge relief from worrying about money. Expat doctors and medical practitioners from all over the world are very proud to be working in the United Kingdom.

  1. Education-The pathway to growth and independence.

When it comes to education, the UK is no less than any other country. This country has the best universities in the world, like Oxford and Cambridge. The high standard of education is the reason most aspiring students move to the UK. According to the latest norms, visa regulations for Indians and non-EU (European Union) students and professionals have been relaxed. A record number of 3200 students from India itself have been accepted to big UK universities and higher education courses in 2021, marking an increase of approximately 19% as compared to last year. 

  1. Job and Finance- Vast employment opportunities

With a booming job market and diversified job offers, graduates have a fair share to think about without agonising over finances. The competitive job market of the UK offers numerous opportunities along with generous employee benefits in the form of a minimum of 20 days of annual leave, sick leave, and parental leave. Therefore, you have no problems when it comes to work balance and to start saving young. If you are triggered about finance and money transfers, the UK is advanced in its financial development, and easy money transferring sites and applications are available, especially for UK citizens. 

  1. Kindness and Humour- What else does one need?

Kindness and humour are the savouries of the people in the UK. The people of the UK are renowned globally for their hospitality. Be alert while walking down the street; your favourite sitcom character might be seen passing down the road. Maybe it is the result of the pleasant weather of the UK all year round, mostly winters pass by, and the wind is cold and dry, but the humour and sarcasm of the people of the UK never fade around.
All these good reasons hope to throw a positive light on moving to the UK. The country has moved forward in structuring a good life for all its citizens and expats. 

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