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How to send money to Pakistan through Crosspay?

Author:    Crosspay   |   November 2, 2021

Want to send money to Pakistan safely and quickly? Register at Crosspay today.
Even miles seem not far away when your dear ones are available in need for you! Similarly, a money transfer reached within minutes makes you more credible in the eyes of your loved ones. They can further trust you again for their financial needs, and Crosspay promises to keep that trust for you. If you are to send money to Pakistan urgently, Crosspay is for you.
How to send money to Pakistan with Crosspay?
You can send money to Pakistan reliably with these simple steps:

  1. You can visit our website at crosspay.online or download your Crosspay app from the Play Store or iOS App Store.
  2. Register an account with a government-authorized identity.
  3. Fill in the details. 
  4. Enter the amount, and for business transactions, choose the corporate option.
  5. Enter the receiver’s address, and details who resides in Pakistan.
  6. Confirm and send it.

That’s all, as simple as it is!!
Crosspay has no hidden fees or extra charges involved when sending money to Pakistan. We follow clear and transparent policies in making low-cost money transfers secure, along with fair cross-border exchange rates. Together with this, we are always available for you to provide prompt service to facilitate smooth transfers, making Crosspay one of the best ways to send money to Pakistan.
People are more reliant on safety while simultaneously being sceptical since digital money transfers have become more prominent and convenient. Crosspay is a reputable international money transfer company that safeguards your funds and is rated “excellent” by our customers across the globe. We never put your safety in jeopardy since we understand the worth of every penny.
Methods to send money to Pakistan with Crosspay
Crosspay gives you three different options to choose your method, to send and receive money transfers abroad.

  • Crosspay via Mobile App

Since transfer needs can come at any time, so does the general availability of mobile phones with you. Just download the Crosspay mobile app, and make an instant money transfer to Pakistan.

  • Crosspay via Website

The website will make you more familiar with the Crosspay terms since it is more detailed and will guide you along with the requisite instructions. You can quickly log in to the Crosspay website at crosspay.online to send money to Pakistan via a more interactive platform.

  • Crosspay via Call or Mail

You can also simply call us on +44 (0) 203 096 2255 to make a money transfer over the phone. Our team will help you to make the transfer smoothly, or you can even write to us at @info@crosspaymt.com to send money to your loved ones without delay.
You can make use of any of the above methods to send money to Pakistan fast and effectively. Mostly, the money transfer takes place on the same day or instantly, but in a case or two, it might take up more delivery time due to routine checks applicable on different payment methods. But do not worry because you can always check the status on your Crosspay account. 
Crosspay is not just a money transfer platform.
It is an emotion for your loved ones.

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