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Short Story: How to Save Money While You’re Still Young

Author:    Crosspay   |   January 1, 2021

There are hundreds of ways to save money at any age. Consider these money-saving tips and use them to generate new ways of saving money. 

Have Fun Saving

Make saving easy and fun by discovering new ways to save money with your family members. Get them involved and make it like a game. You know, something like whoever cleverly saves the most money this month wins!

Be Frugal 

Learn to cut costs and look for ways of making more money. This way, you’re doubling your opportunity to save. Be frugal enough to identify expenses you can reduce and be savvy enough to find opportunities to make more money. Along the way, you’ll barely notice the money you’ve saved. In the end, it’s worth any pain you may feel during your frugal saving adventure.   

Oh, and be disciplined enough to store your saved money in a safe place, like a bank, credit card, or savings account. Try not to hide your saved money under the mattress. It’s too accessible. 

Live Within Your Means

As a reminder, if your goal is to save some serious money, you’ll need to focus on living within your means. As hard as it may be, don’t spend more than you have. Don’t run up your credit card debt, and don’t rent or buy the most expensive house you can find because you want to keep up with the Joneses. That approach is the opposite of living within your means and being a frugal savings superhero. 

Set A Goal And Adjust Your Attitude

For most, saving about 15% of your monthly cash flow is the best target. But younger people can sometimes save far more. Once you get used to saving money and treating it as a non-negotiable monthly expense, you’ll have more in your savings account each month, which is the primary goal.

And remember, attitude is everything when it comes to saving money. Try not to fall into the psychological trap that you have plenty of time to save money. Saving is more than having a little emergency money on the side. 

You want to continue saving throughout your life so that you are well beyond having a three to six-month emergency fund. You want to condition yourself to build a savings habit that lasts forever. Maintain the attitude that you are saving money and treating it as a non-negotiable expenditure. 

Automate Your Future

For many, the discipline of saving money is initially a struggle. But once you get used to it, you will see how easy and amazingly rewarding the process is. And if you set up an automated system for saving your money, you’ll never even miss the money, and it will be there waiting for you when you need it most. 

The Bottom Line

Focus on these two key things: look for ways to reduce your spending and find paths to increase your income.  

If you commit to saving as early as possible, you can make sure you don’t spend money on unnecessary things. If you minimize your spending and maximize ways to make more money, you will build up your savings account in no time. 

There it is, folks: Money-saving tips for stacking the deck in your favor. 

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