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The best charity fundraising apps in 2021

Author:    Crosspay   |   May 18, 2021

Source: Charity Digital

We look at ten of the most interesting fundraising apps currently on the market, with lots of options to cater to charities of all shapes and sizes

At Charity Digital, we focus on how charities can reach audiences more broadly and tap into fundraising efforts via platforms. In 2020, we saw a massive push to take fundraising online.

To form a deeper connection, charities need be to quite literally on call. Focusing on mobile phone applications, we take a look at some of the best apps for both charities and users. We also reveal how they can increase the digital footprint and potential fundraising power.

So, without further ado, here are ten of the best fundraising apps currently on the market.

Gone for Good

Gone for Good can help charities with bricks and mortar shops come back to life. The app works by connecting owners of unwanted items to local charity shops. Donors simply use their mobile phone to snap a photo of their items and charities come to pick up the item.

For charities, the benefit is two-fold. First, more items can be found and placed in store for sale. Second, charities are able to assess the condition of items before picking them up.

Charity Miles

Big name charities are already part of the movement. WWFCharity:waterHabitat for Humanity, and many others have already partnered with Charity Miles.

Users create accounts and log activity for sponsorship to help chosen charities. Individual sponsors, companies, and employee organisations support individual efforts. At the corporate level, companies can arrange sponsorship directly with the app as well.


Strava for charities offers athletes a chance to support their chosen charities. Strava gives users a choice of app integrations. Strava users access the fundraising platforms and upload their activities for sponsorship.

The range of charity mobile apps includes GoFundraise, Trail Care, JustGiving, and many more.


Pledgling offers the full suite of digital fundraising platform tools. The platform helps charities and fundraisers manage virtual and online events, including payment options, API templates and integrations.

Cleverly, the app developers have formed a strategic partnership with Zoom. The arrangement allows fundraisers hosting virtual events to plug into the app’s donation platform. For charities heavily invested in digital, Pledgling could take digital fundraising to the next level.


Perfect for those shopaholics, charities receive donations as part of a retail purchase. Easyfundraising has partnered with major UK shops like John Lewis, Argos, M&S, and Boots as donors. Once a user has made a purchase a store, the retailer donates funds to a chosen charity.


Pledjar rounds up purchases to the nearest pound, with the change going to charity. Many of the UK’s favourite charities are already benefitting, including the Woodland Trust, CAF, and Marie Curie. For those who are on the app, it’s an easy way to manage recurring and one-off donations. The app also takes care of Gift Aid.


Similar to the other shopping and donation apps, Helpfreely automatically tracks online purchases. The app allocates part of the purchased amount as a donation to chosen charities. Helpfreely has partnered with major retailers such as Booking.com, Boots, Expedia, and M&S.

Best of all, donations are made by the retailers themselves, so no extra cost is due to users.


With purchases moving towards credit and debit card transactions, charities could stand to lose out on cash-only donations. Givt solves that issue.

Once the app has been downloaded, donors scan QR code on the donation box and choose an amount to donate. So far, the app has been made available in England, the Netherlands, and Belgium.

Virgin Money Giving

Using one of the UK’s most trusted fundraising platforms, the Virgin Money Giving app is downloadable onto mobile phones. The app lets users monitor progress at every turn. Fundraisers can post to their pages to engage followers.

Importantly, the app includes integrations with Facebook, TwitterInstagram, and WhatsApp. Fundraisers are empowered to harness their social media networks for donations.


Sweatcoin’s model is different from the usual digital fundraiser. Rather than channelling funds from audiences, the app’s developers work with the NHS and other non-profit organisations through public health initiatives.

The app converts physical activity into ‘coins’. The coins are sponsored by health insurance companies, retailers, and organisations looking to encourage healthier lifestyles. Users are able to spend coins on items that help them to make better choices.

Crosspay Giving

Tailored for churches, ministries, charities, and Christian organisations, the Crosspay Giving app helps non-profits tap into their audiences. Aimed at religious audiences and site visitors, donors can download the app and select their church to donate to.

Charities benefit from the app because an online ‘congregation’ is readily available from the user base. The app charges a small percentage for each donation, and is also able to offer technical support for Gift Aid.

Christine Chiu


Chrissy is passionate about helping charities connect with new audiences through social media, digital fundraising, and communications.

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