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Crosspay customers can now send money from Sweden to over 150 countries directly from the web or their mobile phones

Author:    Crosspay   |   December 2, 2020

Crosspay, a Fintech Payment Institution has just launched its services in Sweden.

Crosspay is expanding globally day by day with a customer-centric approach. The launch of its service from Sweden means that people in this region can now send money to over 150 countries globally. Crosspay offers one of the best exchange rates in the market, low transaction fees and quick delivery times.

The service is available for customers right at their fingertips by downloading the Crosspay App available on Google Play Store and the App Store; or by visiting the Crosspay website.

By making its service easily and widely accessible to a growing number of markets, Crosspay is well on its way to achieving its vision of becoming one of the best fintech payment companies in the industry.

In the year 2016, Sweden’s remittance outflow was around $1500 million dollars; a majority of which was through traditional money transfer services and banks. There is now a growing trend towards people using digital remittance platforms such as Crosspay for their remittances.

Angelica Reyes is a Philippine national, living and working in Sweden. Her biggest struggle with sending money has been the long wait times at the sending location and the additional fees being charged.

Angelica shared her experience with Crosspay in the following statement:  “I got a job in Sweden a month ago. I was very happy to move from the Philippines to Sweden because I was able to make better money. At the end of my first month when I had to transfer money to my parents in the Philippines, I went to the nearest money transfer agency; but the charges were too high with the long wait time. As a newbie in Sweden, I wanted to save money so that I could explore new places around Sweden, but these high charges left me with very little money. However, I had to send money with that service as I couldn’t find another option. But, recently I heard about Crosspay through a colleague of mine. Honestly speaking, Crosspay helped me save money with very good exchange rates and low transaction fees. The time it took for the money to reach my parents were also very fast. With this kind of service, I don’t need to look elsewhere to send my money.”

Rakesh Kurian, CEO and founder of Crosspay said “We at Crosspay are constantly working on providing the most simple, convenient, and cost-efficient remittance platform to people across the globe. With the same aim, we are expanding our services to new countries. Now, we are glad to officially launch our service in Sweden and giving people the best alternative to traditional money transfer services.”

To know more about sending money to Sweden, please click on this link.

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