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Crosspay customers can now send money from Denmark to over 150 countries directly from the web or their mobile phone

Author:    Crosspay   |   December 2, 2020

Crosspay, a Fintech Payment Institution has just launched its services in Denmark.

Crosspay is expanding globally day by day with a customer-centric approach. The launch of its service from Denmark means that people in this region can now send money to over 150 countries globally. Crosspay offers one of the best exchange rates in the market, low transaction fees and quick delivery times.

The service is available for customers right at their fingertips by downloading the Crosspay App available on Google Play Store and the App Store; or by visiting the Crosspay website.

By making its service easily and widely accessible to a growing number of markets, Crosspay is well on it’s way to achieving its vision of becoming one of the best fintech payment companies in the industry.

In the year 2014, Denmark’s remittance outflow was around $3512 million dollars. Denmark has an immigrant population of approximately 476,000, many of whom still use traditional money transfers services or their banks and therefore pay exorbitant fees.

Rai Prakash is a designer pursuing masters in designing in India. In order to make some extra income, he started working as a freelance designer to a small company in the UK but was frustrated with the traditional remittance.

Mr. Rai gave the following statement to Crosspay “I am pursuing my Masters in Designing in Delhi. Whilst studying, I started working as a freelance designer for a developer in rural England to earn extra income and support myself. The person I work for used to pay me through traditional money transfer services, he deducted the transfer fee from that and also pretty bad exchange rates. In addition, it used to take three to five days to receive money. On the other hand, he used to make payments once a month. I was little frustrated as I made very little and nearly half of the amount were wasted on charges and low rates. I got to know about Crosspay from a friend of mine in the UK who used to send money back home here in India. I referred it to the person I work for. It was pretty smooth from there. Because he paid me every time I completed my project unlike in the past where I used to get paid once a month. And also, I get it with the best exchange rates and low transaction fee. It makes me happy, and I could work without worrying about receiving money or paying charges from my pocket. I seriously refer Crosspay to anyone who wants to get money faster without any hassle.”

Rakesh Kurian, CEO, and founder of Crosspay said “We at Crosspay are constantly working on providing the most simple, convenient, and cost-efficient remittance platform to people across the globe. With the same aim, we are expanding our services to new countries. Now, we are glad to officially launch our service in Denmark and giving people the best alternative to traditional money transfer services.”

To know more about sending money to Denmark, please visit this link.

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