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Why should you buy travel insurance when you travel abroad?

Author:    Crosspay   |   May 26, 2020

Many view travel insurance as an unnecessary add-on when travelling. People generally believe or are hopeful that nothing can possibly go wrong when travelling, at least not to them! Being optimistic is indeed a very good thing, but taking precautionary measures is always a wiser move.

Any mishap while travelling abroad could be really expensive which wastes both time and money with added frustration. Things like cancellation, medical emergencies, damaged or lost luggage could strike without any prior notice. So, having travel insurance is an essential thing which aids you or your family in case of any mishaps while travelling abroad.

Below are three main travel insurance policies that you can choose depending upon how often you travel, travel duration, and/or multiple destinations.

Single-trip: This policy covers a single trip for an individual or a group for a specific period of time which can be purchased before each trip.

Annual-trip: If you travel more often, annual-trip can come in handy for a cheaper price. With this, you can travel multiple times to the declared locations.

Backpacking: It is for people who travel for longer period of times(often 6 to 18 months), which can cover multiple destinations and a wide range of adventurous trips.

Below are some of the things that are covered in most travel insurance policies:


Delayed, damaged, lost, or theft of baggage are some of the common and most annoying setbacks for anyone to face while travelling. But with a standard travel insurance, you can cover everything from clothing, jewellery, gadgets, passports and many other things that are insured by the travel insurance company.

Most personal items are covered by these standard policies; however, you may choose to cover additional items (that may not already be covered) at an additional cost.


Most of us book our accommodation and transportation way in advance to get the best deals and discounts. But, for some or the other reason if you are unable to travel; or your booking gets cancelled; or that you have to come back in the midst of your travel for whatever reason; the accommodation or transport providers may or may not return the money you paid. In this case, travel insurance can help you in covering the amount that you paid for any reason that the travel insurance company accepts as genuine or covers it under their policy.


No matter where in the world you are, even if at home, an injury or health issue is an unpleasant experience and it is worse still while you are travelling. Falling ill or having an accident in a foreign country can be a traumatising experience for many reasons not least of which is the cost of healthcare. However, having adequate travel insurance which covers medical costs could help in such a situation. It can cover hospital treatments, transportation to hospitals, medication, or even if help you get back to your home country for further treatment. Some travel insurance companies also provide you with the online support of doctors from your home country.

Some travel insurance policies may or may not cover pre-existing illness, so it is always better to check through all the available options.

Adventurous trips

Backpacking travel insurance generally covers many adventurous activities including rock climbing, trekking, diving, rafting, and various other adventure and winter sports. Some providers may not include these in the standard policy and you might have to purchase it in extra cover.


If you face any legal challenges or need any legal help in regards to your travel either due to personal accidents or personal liability, travel insurance can help you cover those charges too.


Note: If you have backpack insurance; you may also be eligible for insurance for any issues that you face during your temporary work abroad. Other service providers may also be able to provide insurance on work depending upon the age and type of travel.

You may also browse online for various other travel insurance policies that meet your needs or requirements. Travel insurance may seem an unnecessary expense, but it could potentially save you thousands of pounds from any issues that you face while travelling.

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