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The Easy Way – Crosspay!

Author:    Crosspay Group   |   July 18, 2022

Exorbitant, strenuous and risky are the first words that come to mind when considering the long-winded process of transferring money overseas. From contacting banks directly, all the way to travelling to the recipient country to deliver funds, people like yourselves scour the web in search of a way to make it all easier. Today is your lucky day.

In a socio-economic context, the word “remittance” refers to the money or goods that migrants send and receive from their families. During COVID-19, the World Bank had predicted a steep decline in remittance flows, especially in Europe and Asia, with an extreme drop of 27.5%. However, the World Bank’s hypotheses were far from met, with only a 1.6% decrease in remittance flows due to increased demand for cashless payments and migrants’ increased desire to send help to their families.

This service is thus now more required, necessary and desirable than ever. In reality, this complex and strenuous process can now be achieved with a couple of simple clicks with money transfer providers like Crosspay. Eliminate long queues and high charges, as well as have the status of your transaction tracked in real-time. Yes, Crosspay is the dream that has made money transfer faster, secure and seamless.

But there must be a catch; will you get the best rates? Yes. We offer the most affordable exchange rates whilst holding the lowest possible transaction fee to make your money transfer experience with us unlike any other. Crosspay carries any security risks on its shoulders, all the way from your device to your recipient device, so your experience remains untroubled throughout.

“Rocket Science” broken down

What will you need to do?

A matter of 3 simple clicks.

  1. Add recipient details
  2. Add amount
  3. Confirm and pay

There is no need to contact banks, make unnecessary calls, or even travel abroad; Crosspay has it covered.

Different roads to the destination

Take a plane

In 2022, the one thing you cannot leave the house without, let alone even go to bed without, is your cell phone. Keeping this in mind, Crosspay has developed an easy-to-use mobile application allowing you to send money from any location and any time. Its easy-to-use interface will aid you in this fast-paced process of landing your money abroad.

Take a train

Some of you may prefer a more traditional approach and want to send money online. Use our web application, which outlines a more in-depth explanation of all the available options. A beneficial way if you are curious about where exactly your money is going and how the process takes place on your behalf.

If these options do not suffice, we also have a phone line where you can contact us, and we can personally sort out any queries.

Ultimately, Crosspay is that hidden gem you have been combing the internet for that will turn all notional fears with remittance into a piece of cake. No longer need to stress if your family will receive the money if it costs too much to send it, or even the hours spent queuing. Crosspay is the way..!

Madhurima Bhattacharjya | madhurimabhattacharjya@yahoo.co.uk

For more details, visit www.crosspaygroup.com

For Money Transfer services, visit www.crosspaymt.com.

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