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How to fight if you fall victim to scammers: Get fraud refund?

Author:    Crosspay   |   November 19, 2021

Beat the scammers, treat the scammers.

Undeniably, it pricks the heart deep inside to get scammed, and a part of you loses the fight against the world. But this should not be the case as it is necessary to teach a lesson to these scammers. Money scammers have been quite frantic and refined while taking advantage of the pandemic in many countries. Sometimes it is too late to know if you have been scammed for money or not.
Money is a hard-earned source of one’s living, and when it goes to a scammer, falling for their persuasive words, we panic, not knowing what to do. There is no doubt that the government has issued strict regulations and warning systems to avoid and protect you from these scammers, and it is also necessary to have good self-awareness about these regulations.

What to do if you are scammed for money?

You first need to identify the source, that is, to find out when and where you were scammed. Take a flashback ride in your memory if you paid someone without checking the authentication, or transferred any personal details over a text, phone call, mail, or clicked an unknown link that was sent to your mobile phone or computer. Check whether you have come across links like free online money transfers to other countries? After identifying the incident, report it to the respective authorities, such as the money transfer organisation or the police authority. 
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What to do when you transfer personal information?

Immediately report the incident to your bank or the money transfer company, and then change your password to protect your documents. Check with the concerned authority to know what needs to be done further and its procedures.

What to do when scammers hack your mobile phone or computer?

  • Encrypt your device so that no further personal information is hacked into.
  • Contact your service agent.
  • Update your system software, and change passwords.
  • Install security software for both your mobile phone and computer.

Check how you paid the scammer

  • Have you used a debit or credit card to pay?

Make a call to your card company and explain the situation in detail. Tell them it was a fraud charge and ask them to stop the payment. In general, if you are scammed for money, the money is returned after being deceived by the cheats.

  • Has any unknown person transferred it from your bank account?

Again, call the bank and tell them that it was an unauthorised withdrawal or debit from your bank account. Later, make a personal visit to do things faster.

  • Did you make a wire transfer abroad via a digital website?

Then you must immediately call the dedicated transfer company, tell them about the incident, and ask them to reverse the transaction. In most cases, the teams at these transfer companies take the responsibility of giving back your money unless it is totally out of their hands.

  • Did you send the wire transfer through the bank?

Again, you can be relieved a little, inform the corresponding bank and ask them to take quick action to fix the reported transaction.

  • Was it sent through any money transfer application?

Check with the respective company through a call and make an application to alter the transaction. See if your credit or debit card was linked through it, and make sure to inform them about the fraud and ask for a return of the money or reverse the transaction. Make sure to do it quickly, without delay.

  • Did you pay through any gift cards?

Do you remember paying through any gift card or a money coupon? Call-back the issuer company and tell them it was a fraud. Ask them to support and reverse your transaction. Send them the details of the gift card, and keep the gift card or coupon to yourself until you recover your amount.

  • Did you pay for any digital currency (cryptocurrency)?

Contact the company that handles the payments regarding your cryptocurrency, inform them that it was an illegal transfer, and ask them to support it.

  • Did you use any money order services?

Cash transfer is also equally prevalent in this digital world. If that is the cause for fraud, call the postal or the respected delivery service, and ask them to intercept the package. 
Money transfers have more chances of being refunded than those with no proof or evidence if you are scammed for money. Sometimes, you can get tricked into registering an illegal platform, a money transfer application, or a website while falling prey to their covetous. But later, they prove to be crooks or illegal websites that intercede with your money transfer.
To avoid getting scammed for money, always check whether it is a registered organisation. Look for the reviews online, and the user’s experience. Check to see if the reviews are genuine or if they are written to deceive you. Check the organisation on different social media platforms to ensure its legitimacy. One of the legitimate sites that can be visited for authorised safety transfer is our Crosspay.
Nothing indeed comes for free in this world, but it can be economical with a low fee, like Crosspay, but charging nothing at all should alert your senses. Some platforms may make it free for the first time, but take precautions before moving ahead. Scammers hide under this veil to capture you in their trap.
Always crosscheck everything before proceeding. It is often considered best to file a complaint or call the respective police authority in your area as the first step if you are scammed for money, as it might reduce the risk of not getting back your money. 

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