Company Overview

Crosspay is a fintech payment platform that allows cross border payments in over 50+ currencies. Payments can be received as bank credits, mobile money or cash pick up in the receiving country. We connect to over 2 billion bank accounts with over 5000+ supported banks. 

Crosspay’s wide portfolio ranges from our own payment products and services, cross border payments for both personal and business customers, charity payments, consulting services, SaaS. As an emerging leader for digital transformation in the payments industry, we have direct integration with banks and FI’s; and offer a comprehensive, quick, robust and secure digital ecosystems for payments.

Our team has a combined experience of over 50 years in the payment industry, having developed some of the most exciting cross border payment products. We believe that there is disruption in the payments industry, and we are constantly trying to innovate to make our customer’s experience better in sending and receiving payments.